If you start noticing that your hair seems less, or is starting to fall out there are some solutions you may want to look at.

Given that your hair survives on vitamin B12, iron, protein and zinc one option would be to incorporate them into your meals through fish, leafy greens, beans and nuts. This nutritional boost will promote a healthier, more voluminous head of hair.

Ensure that whenever you’re shampooing your hair you massage your head thoroughly so as to enhance blood flow to your scalp. This will, in turn, promote a better environment for better hair growth and help with the infusion of whichever treatment shampoos you are using into the hair strands.

Whenever you are styling your hair try and reduce the use of heat-styling methods or devices such as hair dryers and flat-iron especially if your hair is colored. These methods can lead to increased thinning and breakage of the hair as well.

If the situation is elevated you can employ the use of drugs such as Minoxidil which is approved by the FDA and is backed up by years of research. Not to mention that up to 50% of the women who use it see great improvement in their hair volume. The drug enhances follicle size so as to produce bigger hair strands.

Supplements may be what you need as well an example being Viviscal which constitutes biotin, niacin, zinc, vitamin C and fish protein and thus boosts production of thicker and healthier hair strands.

You may also need to get some blood work done where you can have your ferritin (which is iron that is stored in the blood) and vitamin D levels checked. If both of them are running low then this can lead to hair loss and the solution could be as easy as taking vitamin supplements or iron supplements.

Laser treatment decreases swelling in hair follicles and this, in turn, prevents their regeneration. Studies have shown that there is a compelling increase in hair thickness after undertaking 26 weeks of bi-weekly treatments at home using a machine with medical-level lasers such as the HairMax LaserBand.

Stress may be another reason your hair is thinning and/or falling out. Unexpected and habitual stress can put a stop to the growth of hair. If you have encountered a challenging experience such as a job change or a divorce, your hair should grow right back afterwards. However, if you are undergoing constant pressure, you might want to take up meditation, which may seem easier said and done, but you will find to be beneficial to your hair.

A direct shot of cortisone into the scalp inhibits hormonal activity that brings about hair thinning especially in patients with scalp disease.

Blood and kidney energy sustain the hair and are thus responsible for good hair health. As such some people have attested to Chinese herbs and acupuncture as a solution to hair thinning.

Hormone therapy can decrease hair thinning for women experiencing menopause and women who are genetically inclined to female-pattern hair loss.