Hair replacements are a non-surgical solution for hair loss and are a more secure preference as opposed to micro-grafts surgical hair restoration, transplants or drugs. Some of these hair replacements last up to several weeks with the aid of medical bonding or assimilation. In a temporary attachment, there is the use of special tapes which need replacement after every few days.

The structure of a non-surgical hair replacement entails implantation of the hair into a base with some examples of a base, including, second skin which, appears inconspicuous when placed on the scalp, a fine nylon monofilament mesh, silicone or wide mesh netting.

Human hair is the most frequently used obviously because it looks like and is the real thing. For men who are unable to style the hair for themselves, synthetic hair is quite popular among them. However, synthetic hair is susceptible to damage by hot water and can melt when exposed to very high temperatures. Some expensive synthetic hair that is heat resistant can be gotten from Japan.

Density or volume is the number of hairs per square inch. For older men who have thin hair on the sides of the head and the back of the head, it will be a mistake to order hair that is medium to heavy density seeing as it will not look natural. Instead, maintain a medium to light density.

The front hairline area where the hair begins and the forehead ends reveals whether your hair piece is good or bad. In order to know whether your hairpiece is good you will be able to hold your hair back and it will still remain inconspicuous. Despite the type of base you opted for, it is important that it has a see-through front in order to achieve the effect. The hair line also needs to be a bit uneven so it can look natural.

In order to maintain the hair, it should be handled with the utmost care and it should never be brushed while it is still wet after shampooing. Brushing the hair while it is still damp will pull out quite a bit of hair and shorten it usable life. Avoid too much use of the hair dryer and coloring it afterwards with a low peroxide hair color because only human hair can be dyed and dried with heat afterwards. This will result in a lot of hair shedding till it becomes too thin and requires replacing. Rubbing of the hair on the pillow or pillow case at night can leave a bald spot within a few months.

The cost of the procedure for non-surgical hair replacement ranges from $500 to $3000 and so it is best to get consultation on price ranges and the extent of your procedure before going through with it.