There are 2 categories of treatment options for hair loss, non-surgical and surgical. Nonsurgical treatments comprise of Lasercomb or Propecia. The procedure for surgical restoration of hair should be done by a physician, either as a follicular unit extraction (FUE) or as a follicular unit transfer (FUT) hair restoration.

If you suffer from hereditary loss of hair there is no cure, unfortunately and in that case medication such as Rogaine, Lasercomb or Propecia will be of great help in the slowing down of baldness and hair thinning. If you are in the early phases of thinning, these solutions can help in the regrowth of hair, but they will not help to recover the hairline and hair that has been lost. The only determined solution that permanently solves the genetic loss of hair is surgical hair transplantation.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a mildly intrusive technique for hair transplantation, which entails the removal of individual hair follicles from the individual’s donor region and then transferring them individually to the thinning or recipient area. This method is also known as surgical hair transplantation.

A medical device known as the LaserComb, which happens to be approved by the FDA, diffuses restrained laser energy to trigger the hair follicles and encourage re-growth of hair. This treatment is ideal for patients in the early phases of hair loss in the event that there is no indication of hair restoration surgery.

A Laser Helmet can be acquired over-the-counter and is cleared by the FDA as a clinical-strength wearable therapy machine for hair-loss treatment. It is a non-intrusive method and is purposely made for use in the solitude and luxury of your own home. This procedure reinforces the hair by doubling the size of the follicle and rejuvenates cells hence growing healthy hair.

For a very fast 90 second treatment, the HairMax LaserBand which features 82 medical grade lasers has a one-of-a-kind curved design and hair parting teeth, which optimally distributes laser light that’s sustaining to the hair follicles energizing them and growing back your hair. It is a faster, easier, more sophisticated method of provoking hair growth.

There are also formulations you can be prescribed which help improve the health of your hair. These formulations comprise of ingredients that cultivate and rejuvenate the scalp and the hair. This in turn creates a wonderful atmosphere for thick, healthy hair to grow. These preparations involve Minoxidil solution as well and come in an entire 6-month treatment kit and should only be available to you via a counselor. You will attain meaningful results usually within 4-6 months and it is essential that you comply with the treatment as required to get good results.

Propecia is a drug which is FDA-approved and comes in tablet form taken one every day and is only accessible via prescription. It works to prohibit formation of a hormone by the name Dihydrotestosterone or DHT, which makes hair weak and stops growth. It is not a cure for balding and is not permitted for use by women.