We admire grandmas and grandpas who have crispy white or gray hair. We love them even more when they actually pull it off by adding a twist, say dreadlocks. Gray hair is now apparently cool, to a point 16 year olds want their hairs whiter than the wash on our walls. Well, who saw that coming? However, aging doesn’t always work out well for a lot of people. For some, the hair might thin out, fall out or even hair loss exceeding hair growth. It’s even more unfortunate when it happens when you are still young and vibrant, ending up with a mature look (due to lack of a better word). Nothing does a number on your self-esteem faster than baldness, unless you are royalty, then you’re all good!

Hair Plugs vs Implants

From a basic definition, not many can tell which is which. This is a relatively old term that defines the process of grouping hairs on the scalp. This entails moving air from a thicker patch to a balding area as a healthier solution. The session lengths mostly depend on the severity of the baldness, and the density of the healthy strands. On the other hand, an implant is a piece of material that is inserted into the scalp or attached to it. This can range from a hair piece approach to a wig. They are usually synthetics that won’t grow, though they look real.

Factors In Play

This is no boob job and a couple of factors are considered before you can get an estimate of the pocket damage;

  • The number of grafts-this is the piece tissue that a follicle is embedded in. This is generally within the range of $3-9 but can cost more.
  • Types of grafts- there are two different ones with a difference in feature and price:
  1. Follicular Unit Transplant-a strip is taken from a donor area and grafts are obtained from it. This is relatively cheaper and an easy procedure. However, there’s the downside of having a blank patch from the donor area. Plus side, you get a more natural look and growth levels are high.
  2. Follicular Unit Extraction-it’s similar to FUT only grafts are taken one at a time from the donor area. This is better for those maintaining a short hair look. It further leaves less scarring as compared to the former. However, this involves expertise, skills, takes some time and could be 50-100% more expensive.

The Cost Of Plugs

Therefore, the cost generally involves the cost of each graft, the number of sessions required, pre and post-surgical care, risk costs and technological advancements. Most likely you will be charged on a mass manner method. Therefore, approximately with 1200 implants, you could be charged $9 from each. This is likely to go down with increase in implants to around $6 for 3100 hairs, roughly an estimate of about $18600. Beauty ain’t cheap, but how much are you willing to pay for an extended youth look?