There are hair replacement options you can consider if you are experiencing hair loss or otherwise. These options can aid in boosting confidence whether it is in a professional setting or a personal setting.

You might want to consider shaving which may be a short-term resolution to your problem seeing as shaving your hair is considered a style choice these days. However, the only downside would be that your follicles will be quite visible to other people around the back of your head and this may result in your baldness becoming more noticeable.

You can also employ the use of drugs which can aid in the maintenance of your current hair and grow back lost hair. These drugs are also used by patients who have undergone hair transplants in order to encourage the growth of the hair follicles that have been transplanted after the surgical procedure. There is, however, a chance those patients will lose the hair attained once they halt usage of the drug as such it is quite expensive and not for everyone.

DermMatch sprays and makeup and Toppik Hair building fibers can hide hair loss but it is to be noted that this is a temporary solution to be applied on a day to day basis hence they tend to be quite messy.

Hair wigs and hairpieces work for both women and men who have suffered hair loss and have little to no known side effects. For hair transplant individuals or patients who have serious scarring, these hair pieces come quite handy in covering them up, not to mention the variety of hair styles, length, color and volume. They, however, need frequent cleaning and maintenance to preserve their appearance.

Hair transplant surgery is another option which offers almost immediate results and has brought long-term relief to patients who have undertaken it. However, it has been shown to get quite expensive and leave permanent scars on some patients, not to mention sometimes the resulting hair might never be as voluminous as you intended it to be.

Non- surgical replication of hair follicles is a method which comprises of Scalp Aesthetics Technique or SAT. It is a drug-free, economical, unnoticeable and maintenance-free procedure which can be done in up to two days and can be used to remove or improve all other methods.

Hair tattoos are also an option but with time the ink from the tattoo ends up becoming green or blue over time because of the undertones of the ink.