Numerous women who are affected by receding hairline try to hide it, by styling their hair in a way that it would hide their hair loss. Many people don’t realize that hair loss is a condition and can be treated, the sooner you start with the treatment the better the chances of success you’ll have.

Hair loss is a very common condition in women. Seven percent of women who are under thirty suffer from receding hairline and a whopping 60% of women are affected by it who are over 70.

Which hair loss type is the most regularly seen among women?

Pattern hair loss, which is most of the time hereditary and can be passed on by both parents. This kind of balding can begin showing symptoms as early as high school – the later it starts, the more mild the loss of hair will be.

Many women with pattern hair loss don’t get a subsiding hairline or baldness on top of the scalp as is normal in men. Rather, there is noticeable diminishing of hair near the crown.

The early symptoms of pattern hair loss that most women see is regularly broadening of their part or that their hair start to feel thinner.

How is pattern hair loss treated?

Minoxidil is the main medicine endorsed by the FDA for women who have pattern hair loss. Minoxidil successfully treats the condition in 81% of women who use the product.

Liquid alternatives are accessible over the counter. Minoxidil works by drawing out the development period of hair – giving you hair the necessary time to grow to its proper density.

Hair loss products do not work overnight and usually take 4 month to half a year to see any noticeable differences in hair growth and the products only work when applied as per label on your hair loss product packaging.